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AiR: Katie Ceekay

Complex Public Service

Residentie periode

za, 01 mei 2021 / wo, 01 sep. 2021


Ipe Brouwerssteeg 10A
8911 BZ Leeuwarden


zo, 19 dec. 2021 - 19.00 / 19.15

De Westerkerk

WTTV Festival 2021
Bagijnestraat 59
8911 DN Leeuwarden

AiR: Katie Ceekay

In 2021, Katie Ceekay spent several weeks in residency at VHDG. She is developing her research and ideas into two specific projects.

Complex Public Service is a socially-engaged project by artist Katie Ceekay in collaboration with WTTV Festival and Kunstinitiatief VHDG, developed partly during Katie’s residencies at VHDG. Katie invites participation in this long-term project, which involves participant-focused activities (from cooking, to learning new skills, to anything else you can imagine), an active conversation about our futures and a chance to practice a more empathetic world together.

To truly apply a real, effective service, Complex Public Service engages city public, festival go-ers and policy makers to work in a unique way that questions the use of resources, time and values. The project will meet at WTTV Festival 2022 through Empathy Village, a participatory platform, and will continue weekly with its participants to keep practicing self-worth and real community-change in tandem.

Presentation: 19 december, Westerkerk Leeuwarden

The development of The Fibre Club, a free public online resource that could be used as a tool for health education and health access. This will be firstly implemented in the city of Leeuwarden before the end of this year in collaboration with Graphic Designer Julia de Jong.

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Open call!

Complex Public Service is a socially-engaged long-term project offering weekly, individualised programmes in a variety of unique ways.

This project is like a surprise, it’s based on humans seeing each other and making new connections, it’s based on both desires and needs. Together with and facilitated by Katie you map out a holistic programme that fits you, asking yourself how you can make use of an artist as a public servant. From casual coffees, one to one workshops, or outdoor activities, to finding a moment to be yourself, Complex Public Service invites you for a breath of fresh air. The project is open to all ages and backgrounds, and experience with the arts is not necessary in any way.

To apply and for more information send a brief email with your curiosity to

Photo: David Vroom